Get the most powerful searchable tweetstream and Twitter directory for your flock of seagulls!

Mr. Floxee

What is Floxee?

Feature List

  • Powerful tweetstream and people search
  • Tag directory members
  • Custom domain name
  • Custom logo uploads
  • Custom CSS to make your site unique!
  • Customizable content modules
  • Photos & Videos
  • MORE coming soon!


Pricing for the Floxee Platform is still being worked out, but a good guesstimate right now would be $1 per person in your directory per month.

This makes it pretty easy... got 10 people? $10/month... 500 people? $500/month... no matter how many people you have in your directory, you'll get access to ALL of the awesome features listed above!

Floxee in the wild

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